28 Days Later Lifestyle Program

A COMPERHENSIVE 28-DAY LIFESTYLE PROGRAM TO GET YOUR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE. Everyday we take in things that are not only harmful to our body’s but also to our overall well-being. This tends to age us way before our time. This program will teach you the Art of the daily detox & ways to foster overall balance in your life by assisting you with setting up your lifestyle to be healthy, stress-free & flexible, freeing you of all those pollutants that can stifle your growth and success.



People often think you create your body in the gym. That is  sadly not the case. Your body is created & maintained in the kitchen. This program will guide you through healthy nutrition choices that will help you get and keep the body you deserve.



Fitness is not about just the body being in top physical condition, it is the additional accent piece that helps you to sculpt and define you most desired features physically, mentally and spiritually. This program will guide you step-by-step on your fitness journey. 

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In order to see the success of this program and maintain the results & habits there after, you will need to be able to master the delicate balance of life. As old habits become obsolete and new habits take hold, you must try to set reasonable expectations for your NEW self. We will walk you through how to do so with a detail lifestlye guide design to help you achieve success at all levels.